Concert for Mimi – The Makanda Project

Aug 15, 2020

Many of you know Mimi Jones and have been touched by her recent passing. For those who don’t, her powerful spirit was very much present our concerts, and she also played a major role in crystallizing and putting into practice the vision of music-and-community that has been at the heart of our work. Many of the musicians in the Makanda Project became close to her individually. For us, it’s like losing a band member.

The attached article describes her history in the Civil Rights Movement and as a community activist for many causes, including the arts.

Working our way through the challenges of the Covid era, we have found a place to perform our concert that has been scheduled for Saturday August 15. (Sunday August 16 will be the rain date.) We will be at Bartlett Place, in Nubian Square. It’s on Washington Street, across the street and up the street from the police station. We’ll be in the parking lot behind one of the buildings, entrance off Bartlett Station Drive, which is directly across from where St. James comes into Washington.

It will be our Concert for Mimi. We’ll play pieces she was especially fond of, and have some spoken reflections.

We will also stream it on the Makanda Project facebook page (working on getting better audio and video quality than we had for our July event).

Just yesterday, the Governor lowered the limit for outdoor gatherings from 100 to 50. The band, sound people, and volunteers will be about 20. So that leaves 30. I’d like to get an idea of how many people will want to attend in person. Depending on the number, we might have 2 shows, with reservations made, to accommodate more people. So . . . if you plan on coming, please respond to this email and indicate such. (And if you “think you might” come, please tell us that also.)

We’ll send another email in a few days, telling how many shows and the times. The event will begin at 4 or 5 pm.

Click to read more about Mimi!